WORDSTORM 2013 FINALE – PART 4.1 – SAY WORDS: Nguyen Bich Diep

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WORDSTORM 2013 FINALE - PART 4.1 - SAY WORDS: Nguyen Bich Diep

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Battle Bay just released Update 4.1 and with it is a New Ship called the Guardian and 4 new items. These 4 new items have their own new color, Teal, similar to the color of the new ship. In this video, I will be discussing how the new items work and how you can use them to your advantage in the battle field.

Livestream starts at 9:30am Phillipine Time (Monday to Saturday).

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Song: Orion – Jim Yosef & Starlyte
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: not a linkyoutu.be/0uVPAY8G678
Download: not a link99l.tv/orionYU
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diep.io 4.1 and Diepio hack

Salut à tous ICI c’est Zornado et aujourd’hui, je vous présente mon premier gameplay sur diep.io. C’est un jeu qui consiste à tirer des balles sur d’autres joueur pour ensuite gagner de l’xp et devenir meilleur ! N’hésitez pas à vous abonnez !!!

Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5

Diep.io Online HACK