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When I upload a “Best tanks” list video, it’s usually followed by a “worst tanks” list video. This is no exception. In this video I’ll be ranking the five worst tanks in Diep.io from best to worst. This list was made in collaboration with JB Colombia, arguably the best Diep.io player out there with numerous world records. Unlike almost all other lists, this one is well-thought and made by people with a lot of knowledge on the game & the meta, and is more than just a low-effort slideshow.

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Black Vortex – Kevin MacLeod

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The diep.io 5 is interesting, but the diepio hack is more.

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DIEP.IO IN 3D GAME! (Simple Planes)

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diep.io 3d simple planes

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diep.io 3d simple planes and Diepio hack

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Diep.io Highlights #12: Gunner Trapper is Amazing (4TDM, 420k)!

Diep.io Online HACK
diepio gunner trapper build

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diepio gunner trapper build and Diepio hack

Diep.io Online HACK

The Worst Memory

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diep.io 5ch


My ship set sail was lost at sea my dream was dead and I was depressed
I need find an avenue to help me cope with all the stress
I sit down and watched as a game was being played
Then eventually I joined more immersed than I’ve been
In freshman year I grabbed a mic to jam with my friends
Playing songs without a clue on what to expect
The simple joys that I wish to relive again
The faded dreams that I had have no means no end

Cause one faithful evening when my last words were sang
All I heard was the reaction on how I was worse
Than my sister I was feeling I wasn’t appreciated
I’ve always had the feeling that pop punk was hated

One day I woke up coughing every day after day
Sleepless nights pouting as my dreams start to fade
Drinking gulps of water as my throat burns to ash
Sees success with misery as life starts to pass

But here I am forced to keep my faith in that God
The one who said would love me but only pissed me off
So I tell all those people who say it’s not so bad
Will you be the same today If you had what I had?

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Event Audio from the BH4 gamecube trial edition, Includes various alternative takes and beta audio
0:00 Molotovs
0:05 1st Ganado Take 1
0:55 Swing!
0:57 1st Ganado Take 2 (BETA!)
1:41 Car Conversation Take 1
2:15 Swing!
2:20 Footstep
2:22 After killing 1st Ganado
2:44 Examining Car Wreckage
2:55 Village Binocular Scene
3:03 Chainsaw Scene Alternate Take
3:33 Church Bell Scene (slight difference in tone)
4:18 Dog bear trap
4:24 Another Car Take
5:05 Cop Insult 1
5:10 ??? (Beta?)
5:18 ??? (Reversed by me)
5:24 Cop Insult 2
5.27 Cop Insult 3
5:35 Del Lago binocular scene alternate take
6:18 Leon crossing the lake alternate take
6:54 Del Lago Death alternate take
7:22 Del Lago QTE Fail alternate take
7:38 Del Lago QTE Success alternate take
8:00 Coughing up blood alternate take
8:20 El Gigante alternate take
9:28 El Gigante dog scene alternate take
9:43 El Gigante Death
10:03 Gate Opening
10:08 El Gigante Knife QTE
10:20 Del Lago QTE take 2
10:30 Intro Alternate Take
11:30 Car Pulling Over Alternate Take
12:48 Ashley 1st meeting alternate take
13:25 Alternate Cabin Attack Take (BETA TAKE!)
14:35 Approach Ganado House alternate music
14:40 1st Las Plagas Alternate Audio
14:52 Zombie Dog cutscene (unused?)
15:05 Cliff Rappel
15:15 Ashley + Japanese (UNUSED, possible beta)
16:17 Ganados
16:24 Boulder Pushing
16:48 Footsteps
16:53 Ganado
16:58 Injection Scene ALTERNATE TAKE
17:32 Leon+Luis wake up BETA!! Changed story element too!
20:00 Executioner Ganado
20:15 Executioner Ganado QTE fail
20:20 Door Opening
20:30 Village Chief Same Blood Alt Take
21:18 After Cabin Defense Alt take
21:35 Village Chief Before Fight (BETA TAKE)
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The diep.io 5ch is interesting, but the diepio hack is more.

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