Diep.io Maze – Annihilator's Unconventional Build (360K)

Diep.io Online HACK
diepio annihilator build

This will build up to a future Hybrid challenge video where I use a similar build with 0 Reload and Bullet speed. However, the build will most likely be 4/4/4/0/7/7/0/7, so that ramming is rendered almost useless. This will make the challenge even harder to do whilst playing in FFA.

With that being said, here’s me testing the idea out with the Annihilator in Maze Mode.

Landmine, Meet Fighter: A Cat & Mouse Scenario not a linkyoutu.be/rQmiEaJI7KE (Yes, this video gets mentioned a lot)

Free Songs to Use:
Silent Partner – No Culture not a linkwww.youtube.com/watch?v=qxr6mdQ5M_w (Track 1)

Other music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) (Tracks 2-3)
Video Rating: / 5

The diepio annihilator build is interesting, but the diepio hack is more.


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I’m back! With another video for you guys! I really liked playing with the Annihilator Tank, so enjoy it! Try to hit 100 likes! (Btw, thanks for 1,8k subscribers)

Build: 1/5/0/7/7/7/6/0
You can also use a faster tank: 0/5/0/7/7/7/2/5

Music: (Give credit to all those amazing creators!)
Miza – Happyland
NIVIRO – Sapphire
Ralph Cieli – Wild Life
Jensation – Joystick
Video Rating: / 5

Diep.io Online HACK